Dental Phobia

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Are you embarrassed with your smile… you are not alone!

For the longest time I have always had plaque buildup on my teeth.  My gums were always inflamed, sore and bleeding. When it came to visiting the dentist, it was incredibly embarrassing for me, and I would put my visit off even longer to avoid facing my fears. Since I have been working for Periodontal Associates in Aurora, Colorado, I have seen how much Drs. Heller, Beckman, Thousand and Hyer truly care for their patients.

The embarrassment and anxiety of this vicious cycle is called “Dental Phobia”. There are many things that could cause this phobia initially, it could be painful or traumatic experiences, anxiety, hurtful remarks, or something else entirely. This leads to avoidance and can cause poor oral health.

“You were born to be real, not to be perfect.”

The vicious cycle of “Dental Phobia” is not healthy. Going to the dentist for me has almost always been an embarrassing experience, until I really started following the treatment plan and realized it was actually helping me. I learned so much about my mouth and that it’s possible to achieve great oral health. Did you know that there are different kinds of saliva? I didn’t. I found out that my saliva sits under my tongue and causes more plaque buildup on my bottom teeth and I need to get cleanings more frequently so the plaque doesn’t have time to build.  My bleeding has subsided, my breath is better and my mouth feels healthier than ever.

 You can get past this fear too!

The psychology studies of anxiety and embarrassment have shown, that people who have anxiety or easily embarrass may think others see them as inadequate. Good news, this is something we tend to make up on our own and the chances of you winning an award for the worst mouth at a dental clinic is very unlikely.

It’s powerful to realize that you can handle anxiety and embarrassment!

Keep your end goals in mind, like a healthy mouth or great smile to motivate you through the treatment.

If you are having any symptoms of Periodontal Disease and live in the Denver or Aurora area, please contact us. Please keep in mind we have seen it all and want you to feel proud of your smile. Call our office at (303) 755-4500. Drs. Heller, Beckman, Thousand, Hyer and staff look forward to hearing from you!

Author: Brittany Ricci