Connective Tissue

In the world of periodontal care, gum grafting stands as one of the most transformative procedures we do, specifically when utilizing connective tissue. Here at Periodontal Associates, our periodontists and team specialize in this meticulous procedure, ensuring our patients achieve improved oral health and enhanced dental aesthetics.

Gum grafting with connective tissue is a surgical procedure aimed at addressing gum recession by introducing healthy tissue to areas experiencing a decline. Though the procedure might sound intimidating, the advantages it offers are multifaceted and worth it. One of the prime reasons many undergo gum grafting is to alleviate the exposure of a tooth root. Exposed roots can lead to heightened sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods and beverages. By covering these exposed areas, gum grafting not only reduces this discomfort but also mitigates the risk of future cavities on the roots as well.

In addition to reducing the risk of cavities and sensitivities, gum grafting effectively curtails the progression of gum recession. The longer gum recession is left untreated, the greater the likelihood of further gum loss. By addressing the issue head-on with gum grafting, we can eliminate future gum loss, safeguarding the health and stability of your teeth. The benefits of gum grafting are not limited to health alone. Esthetically speaking, a receding gum line can lead to an uneven appearance of the teeth, making them seem longer than usual. Through gum grafting, we can rejuvenate the gum line, offering a more harmonious and pleasing appearance to your smile. While rarer, there are instances where extreme gum recession can compromise the stability of the teeth, potentially leading to tooth loss. Gum grafting acts as a protective measure, eliminating the risk of future tooth loss due to gum recession.

Our expertise in gum grafting with connective tissue stems from our specialized training. For residents across Denver, from Greenwood Village to Lakewood, Aurora to Centennial and encompassing regions like Highlands Ranch, Roxborough and Castle Rock, we stand as a beacon of excellence in periodontal care. Our unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled care makes us the preferred choice for many. To discuss gum grafting in Centennial, Colorado, or any other periodontal concerns, feel free to reach out to Dr. Dan Thousand or Dr. Katelyn Fleming by calling 303-795-5700.