Periodontal Plastic Surgery

In the realm of dental aesthetics, the harmony between teeth and gums plays a pivotal role in crafting an ideal smile. For those seeking to enhance the outcomes of crown and bridgework, the art of soft tissue augmentation emerges as a game-changing solution. At the forefront of this procedure is Periodontal Associates, offering a fusion of expertise and innovation to achieve flawlessly natural and functional results.

In the realm of anterior teeth, where the aesthetic spotlight shines brightest, the soft tissues that frame your smile play a defining role. Achieving a seamless blend between dental restorations and natural gums can be an intricate endeavor, requiring the keen eye and skillful hands of our experienced periodontists. Soft tissue augmentation, a technique that involves manipulating and reshaping the gum tissue, stands as a hallmark of precision in this arena.

Dr. Dan Thousand and Dr. Katelyn Fleming pride themselves on offering a range of approaches to soft tissue augmentation. Donor tissue from multiple different sources including human and animal, as well as your own tissue, can be harnessed to achieve excellence in results. This flexibility allows us to tailor the treatment to your specific needs, ensuring that your smile transformation is as unique as you are. The integration of intraoral scanners amplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes. Utilizing the latest technology, we gain a comprehensive understanding of where new crowns will be positioned. This insight empowers us to fill in areas with soft tissue augmentation, achieving a final result that is not only strikingly natural-looking but also functionally impeccable.

Soft tissue augmentation’s true power lies in its ability to mold gum contours that mimic natural looks. The goal is a smile that radiates authenticity, seamlessly blending the rejuvenated dental restorations with your natural gums. This fusion of beauty and function is an art form in which we excel.

For those yearning for a smile that transcends perfection, periodontal plastic surgery in Centennial, Colorado, stand as the architects of transformation. Let us guide you toward the smile you have always envisioned. Contact us today at 303-795-5700 to schedule your consultation and embark on a journey toward a more radiant and harmonious you.