Receding gums can be more than just a cosmetic concern. They often bring along a slew of dental issues, from heightened sensitivity to potential tooth loss. In the pursuit of advanced recession treatments, gum grafting utilizing allografts such as Puros® Dermis and AlloDerm emerges as a groundbreaking solution.

A soft tissue allograft is a unique grafting material derived from human dermal tissue. Unlike other gum grafts which demand tissue from another part of the patient’s mouth, an allograft utilizes tissue from a human donor, which undergoes rigorous processing to ensure its safety and efficacy. Opting for a soft tissue allograft instead of traditional gum grafting offers a series of benefits that traditional grafting methods might not. For one, it bolsters existing gum tissue, fortifying your gums to stand strong against the adversities of oral bacteria. The procedure has a good track record of gaining root coverage, making it an optimal choice for those battling significant gum recession. When it comes to dental implants, the stability of the surrounding gums is paramount. A soft tissue allograft enhances this stability, ensuring your implants remain securely in place, functioning at their best. A standout advantage of an allograft is the elimination of the need for two surgical sites. Traditional grafting methods involve harvesting tissue from the roof of the mouth, but with an allograft this is unnecessary. This not only reduces the overall surgical footprint but also means fewer visits to Periodontal Associates, fewer post-operative complications and a more comfortable recovery phase.

Moreover, a soft tissue allograft is especially beneficial for those looking to enhance the esthetics of their teeth. The grafted tissue blends seamlessly with the surrounding gums, offering a natural look. Additionally, those plagued by sensitivity caused by gum recession can find relief post this procedure.

In conclusion, the advent of gum grafting with soft tissue allografts has ushered in a new era of gum treatments. By reducing discomfort, cutting down on surgery time and ensuring optimal results, it stands as a beacon of hope for those grappling with receding gums.

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