Pocket Reduction Therapy

In the realm of periodontal treatments, our periodontists and team are happy to provide pocket reduction therapy, which is a procedure aimed at reducing the depth of the “pockets” formed between the gum tissue and the teeth. Now, why would someone need to reduce these pockets? The answer lies in understanding the nature of deep pockets and the risks they present. Deep pockets in your gums are not just harmless spaces. They act as reservoirs for food debris, harmful bacteria and plaque. Over time, these trapped particles can cause acute infections, but mainly they lead to inflammation, discomfort and eventual tooth loss if left untreated. The deeper the pockets, the more difficult and eventually impossible they become to clean through regular brushing or even professional dental cleanings. The more profound they are, the more they pose a threat to your oral and systemic health.

During this surgery, the gum tissue is folded back to remove harmful bacteria and diseased tissue, followed by the reshaping of the bone, if necessary, on surrounding teeth to create a smooth, disease-resistant contour. The gum tissue is then repositioned snugly around the tooth, effectively reducing pocket depth, and facilitating easier cleaning and maintenance. This procedure not only halts the progression of periodontal disease but also establishes a healthier oral environment that is much more cleansable.

Pocket reduction therapy in Centennial, Colorado, directly addresses this issue. By reducing the depth of these pockets, we make them more manageable, easier to clean and drastically lower the risk of bacterial infections. The result? Healthier gums, longer lasting teeth and a significant reduction in the progression of periodontal disease.

At Periodontal Associates, our approach is always patient-centric. Our periodontists and team understand that the language of dentistry can sometimes be complex and intimidating. That is why we are dedicated to demystifying the process, ensuring you fully understand every step and its importance. After all, informed patients are empowered patients.

Dr. Dan Thousand and Dr. Katelyn Fleming are proud to offer patient-centered care, and to help you achieve your healthiest smile through detailed, personalized care using advanced techniques. We invite you to call us at 303-795-5700 today to discuss your treatment with our periodontists.