Free Gingival Grafting

In our quest to provide cutting-edge dental solutions, our periodontists will prescribe gum grafting using the free gingival grafting method in certain scenarios. This technique focuses on enhancing the strength and resilience of existing gum tissue.

Free gingival grafting is primarily aimed at reinforcing existing gum tissue. In some indications, there has already been extensive loss of bone and gum tissue around teeth or implants. With the daily wear and tear that our gums endure, sometimes they need a helping hand to maintain their health and vigor. This procedure offers a boost of strength, ensuring that the gums can continue to protect and support the teeth efficiently.

While many might associate gum grafting with the aim of gaining root coverage, it is essential to understand the specific attributes of free gingival grafting. Though there are instances where root coverage might be achieved, the primary objective of this procedure is not typically root coverage. Instead, its strength lies in bolstering the gum’s natural defenses and improving its stability around teeth and implants. Implants are a fantastic solution to tooth loss, but they require a stable gum foundation to function optimally. Free gingival grafting ensures that this foundation remains robust and secure so that less problems may occur. Furthermore, by strengthening the existing gum tissue, we can prevent future gum loss. The gums act as a protective barrier for the teeth, and when they recede, the teeth become vulnerable. By preemptively reinforcing the gum tissue, we reduce the rare cases that can lead to tooth loss.

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