In the intricate world of dental health, bone grafting stands out as a pivotal procedure, ensuring that patients have the robust bone foundation necessary for successful dental restorations. An autogenous bone graft, often central to the bigger intraoral bone grafting process, involves using bone sourced from the patient’s own body. This ensures perfect compatibility and often results in improved graft integration and healing. Such a graft becomes particularly vital when a patient has significant bone deficiencies, both vertically and horizontally. These deficiencies, which can arise from various reasons like prolonged tooth loss, infections or trauma, can hinder the placement of dental bridges or implants.

Given the precise nature of the procedure and the need for a meticulous approach, advanced technology becomes our beacon. Our periodontists and team harness the power of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) and intraoral scans to dive deep into the bone’s anatomy and topography. These tools do not just provide a three-dimensional view of the dental structures but also aid us in digitally working up the treatment plan. With this, we are able to design and print custom-fit membranes, ensuring that the bone graft complements the unique bone defect of every patient. We are also able to reduce secondary surgical sites by knowing where there is enough bone to harvest. The end goal is to recreate the natural bone anatomy, setting the perfect stage for subsequent dental procedures.

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