Dental Implants Frequently Asked Questions in Centennial, CO

Understanding Dental Implants: Common Questions Answered

As you start your journey toward a healthy smile with your dental implant treatment, you likely have a series of questions. Dr. Dan Thousand and Dr. Katelyn Fleming are here to provide you with quick but comprehensive answers, guiding you toward informed decisions about your oral health.

Why Should a Periodontist Place My Implant?

Unfortunately, many who advertise themselves as specialists have only taken a few small courses, whereas periodontists spend an additional three years after dental school to possess the advanced training and expertise necessary to understand implant dentistry. We not only understand implant placement, but also what it takes to maintain implant health and what to do if there is a problem with your implant. Our in-depth knowledge of bone and gum structures makes us ideally suited to ensure successful implant integration and long-term results.

How Long Does It Take Before I Can Use My Implant?

The timeline varies, but typically, after the implant is placed, there is a healing period of three to four months to allow for osseointegration. Following this, your customized restoration, such as a crown or bridge, can be attached, enabling you to enjoy a functional and beautiful smile.

Will Dental Implant Surgery Hurt?

Surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia, so that you feel minimal discomfort. Post-surgery, any potential discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain relief.

Does Insurance Pay for My Implant?

Coverage can vary widely. While some policies offer coverage from 50-80%, it is important to understand the extent of coverage and any limitations. One common thing to inquire about when selecting an insurance plan that covers dental implants is the missing tooth clause. Our team can help you navigate insurance details after a consultation visit at Periodontal Associates. We invite you to schedule one today by calling 303-795-5700.

Why Should I Replace the Tooth That Was Taken Out?

Replacing a missing tooth is crucial to prevent various issues, including adjacent teeth shifting, bite problems, and bone loss at the site of extraction. Dental implants restore not only your smile’s aesthetics but also its functionality and overall oral health. When teeth shift, we can create bite problems that can lead to the fracture of surrounding teeth, especially ones that have large fillings and root canals. If these teeth break, they often must be removed as well, leading to further bite problems.

What If I Don’t Treat the Empty Space Where My Tooth Was Removed?

The adjacent teeth will tilt, rotate and grow into the empty space as the bone at the lost tooth site resorbs. This can lead to an altered bite and typically the fracturing of additional teeth over time. In extreme cases, the bite discrepancy can lead to jaw joint pain and long lasting TMJ problems. Dental implants can prevent these complications if a tooth is lost and restore your smile’s beauty and function.

Why Do I Need Bone Grafting Before Implant Placement?

Bone grafting is not always necessary prior to implant placement. However, it may be necessary if your jawbone lacks sufficient density to support an implant. The grafting procedure ensures a sturdy foundation for the implant to integrate successfully. Having a solid foundation for the implant to reside in will also help ensure long-term success.

Why Do I Need More Gums for My Implant?

Gum tissue is often overlooked when it comes to looking at implant success, but having enough is extremely crucial. The connection between the gum tissue and an implant is slightly less robust than it is to natural teeth. Therefore, if the gum tissue is too thin around the implant, it is more likely to create early problems that could lead to implant failure. Sufficient gum tissue is essential for optimal aesthetics and a natural-looking result. If your gum tissue is lacking, our periodontists can perform gum grafting to enhance the overall appearance and success rate of your implant before or after placement.

Dr. Dan Thousand and Dr. Katelyn Fleming provide a wealth of expertise in dental implantology in Centennial, Colorado. Their profound understanding of bone and gum health ensures your journey toward a renewed smile is guided by comprehensive knowledge. Serving the Denver area, including Littleton, Greenwood Village, Lakewood, Aurora, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Roxborough, and Castle Rock, Dr. Thousand and Dr. Fleming are dedicated to your oral health and well-being. To embark on your path toward a beautiful, functional smile, reach out to Periodontal Associates. Contact them today for answers to your questions and to experience the exceptional care of periodontal specialists who prioritize your smile’s brilliance.