Single-Tooth Implants in Centennial, CO

In the realm of dental treatments, single-tooth implants stand as a testament to how far we have come in providing comprehensive solutions to tooth loss. A single-tooth implant, as the name suggests, replaces just one missing tooth. Instead of resorting to traditional bridges or dentures, these implants serve as a permanent, robust substitute that perfectly mimics the natural tooth it replaces.

Understanding Single-Tooth Implants

Understanding the importance of single-tooth implants begins by acknowledging the potential repercussions of an unattended missing tooth. Not only can it affect one’s ability to chew and speak properly, but it can also lead to bone loss in the jaw over time, making future restorations more challenging. The implant, made typically of titanium, integrates with the jawbone, preventing further bone loss and providing a solid foundation for the crown that will eventually sit atop it.

Advantages of a Single-Tooth Implant

One of the key advantages of single-tooth implants is the minimal surgery time involved. Unlike major dental surgeries, placing an implant is a relatively quick process. Furthermore, with the evolution of dental procedures and technologies, the discomfort associated with such procedures has considerably lessened.

The Healing Process

Following the implant placement, a typical healing period ensues, usually spanning around three months. This time allows the implant to firmly integrate with the jawbone, ensuring its longevity and stability. For those concerned about aesthetics, especially when front teeth are in play, there is good news. If the implant is stable immediately after placement, a temporary tooth can be placed on it during the healing period. This ensures that one can continue to smile confidently while waiting for the final restoration.

In our pursuit of perfection at Periodontal Associates, we harness the most advanced technology available. The use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans and intraoral scanners enable us to digitally plan out the implant procedure. These tools allow us to design and print a customized guide that determines the precise placement of the implant and visualizes the ideal future crown. Such precision not only guarantees an excellent functional outcome but also ensures that the final appearance seamlessly blends with the rest of the teeth.

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