Single-Tooth Dental Implant Crowns in Centennial, CO

When it comes to replacing a missing tooth, a single-tooth dental implant crown is a remarkable solution that seamlessly blends into your smile while restoring your ability to bite and chew with confidence.

Understanding a Single-Tooth Dental Implant Crown

A single-tooth dental implant crown consists of two main components: the abutment and the implant crown itself. The crown sits above the gumline and is attached to the implant, while the implant serves as an artificial tooth root, securely anchored into the jawbone to provide stability and support. On top of it, the abutment and crown are meticulously crafted to replicate the appearance, shape and color of your natural teeth. This ensures that your new tooth seamlessly integrates with your existing smile, creating a harmonious result that is virtually indistinguishable from your real teeth.

One crucial aspect to consider is the method of attachment for the crown. Single-tooth dental implant crowns can be either screw retained, or cement retained. While both methods offer their own set of advantages, screw-retained crowns are often considered ideal due to their ease of maintenance and potential for removal if necessary. This approach involves securing the crown to the implant with a screw, allowing for straightforward adjustments and maintenance.

Optimizing Dental Implant Outcomes

The type of crown on the implant is intrinsically tied to biological factors, specifically the positioning of the implant in bone and gum tissue. Achieving an optimal outcome requires meticulous assessment and treatment planning. The implant’s placement is carefully chosen to maximize stability and promote natural aesthetics. The crown’s placement and contour are influenced by the surrounding gum tissue, ensuring that the transition from implant to crown appears seamless and natural.

Our periodontists, Dr. Dan Thousand and Dr. Katelyn Fleming, bring an unparalleled level of expertise to the realm of single-tooth dental implant crowns in Centennial, Colorado. With their profound understanding of the bone and gum structures around teeth, they stand as the most qualified dental professionals to ensure your new smile is not only beautiful but also built on a foundation of health. Call us today at 303-795-5700 to schedule your treatment today at Periodontal Associates.