Snap On Dentures in Centennial, CO

For countless individuals, the joy of a perfect smile or the ease of comfortable chewing remains an elusive dream. However, the implant “snap-on” dentures, is a solution for those looking to restore a full-arch of teeth yet still do not want to break the bank doing it.

Options for Snap On Dentures in Centennial, CO

There are quite a few options for a “snap on” denture, sometimes a traditional denture for the upper jaw will work just fine, but the lower just seems to be stubborn and never functions properly. In these cases, as few as two implants can be placed in the lower jaw to retain the lower denture while leaving the upper denture alone. In other cases, more implants can be placed to increase the stability of the upper and lower dentures. Typically, in these cases, four implants can be placed in the upper jaw as well as the lower jaw to give the “snap-on” denture the best amount of chewing and functional capability.

The entire procedure, though comprehensive, requires minimal surgery time. Once the implants are placed, a typical healing duration of approximately three months ensures their successful integration with the jawbone. Before this phase, there might be instances when additional procedures like bone augmentation or lateral sinus augmentation are required. While this might sound daunting, with modern techniques, it is a streamlined process, ensuring optimal results. Often the bone augmentation can be done simultaneously with the placement of an implant avoiding prolonged waiting periods.

The term “snap-on” denture might ring a bell to many, given its widespread usage. Synonyms like implant-supported dentures, snap-in dentures, clip-in dentures and overdentures all point towards this innovative solution. Perfect for those grappling with a full mouth of compromised teeth, this method guarantees not just aesthetic enhancement but also restores functional prowess.

One of the primary challenges with traditional dentures, especially the lower ones, is the fit. It is not uncommon for patients to struggle with ill-fitting dentures, leading to speech challenges and chewing discomfort. The snap-in denture solution firmly anchors the denture to the implants, restoring confidence, enhancing speech clarity and ensuring a better chewing experience.

Ready To Restore Your Smile?

At Periodontal Associates, precision is our watchword. With the most advanced tools at our disposal, such as CBCT scans and intraoral scanners, we digitally plan the entire procedure. This ensures that the implants are optimally placed, setting the stage for future dentures that not only fit perfectly but can also look incredibly natural.

Navigating the vast dental landscape of Denver and its surroundings, one name emerges as a beacon of trust and expertise: Periodontal Associates. Our distinction lies in our specialization; as periodontists, we have an intimate understanding of gum diseases and the nuances that come with it. From Greenwood Village to Castle Rock, we are the name to trust for transformative dental solutions. So, if you are seeking an unparalleled dental experience, place your trust in our periodontists, Dr. Dan Thousand and Dr. Katelyn Fleming. Call 303-795-5700 today to schedule your visit to discuss your options for snap-on dentures in Centennial, Colorado.